One of the most historic issues facing our city has been flooding. 

This flooding has meant thousands of dollars in damage throughout the years.  Some have lost parts of their homes and livelihoods because of this one issue.  While the floods affect not every home, the loss in property value and quality of life affects us all. 

To solve this problem, we needed to hear from all of the citizens directly impacted by this problem.  Therefore, we created the Storm Water Advisory Board.  This board consists of all residents and meets to hear flooding issues that are occurring in our city.  The board then makes recommendations to the Board of Works for action. 

Through their efforts and the efforts of our city engineer, the city now has a two-step approach to resolving this issue.  First the city implemented a storm water utility.  Second, we created a storm water master plan, which outlines in detail the causes of our issues and how to correct them. 

I am proud to say that work was completed in 2011 on one of the most heavily impacted areas, the Fashion Terrace and Tenbrook subdivsions.  For more than 30 years, residents of Fashion Terrace had suffered from major flood damage and the resulting loss of value in their homes.  The Storm Water Advisory Board, the Board of Works, and the City Council provided funding of $1.5 million dollars for new storm sewers, curbing/aprons, larger sized pipes, to resolve the longstanding issue. 

Other scheduled and approved improvements to the city's drainage system include: sanitary sewer, storm sewer, retention pond and inlet improvements to N West Street which will to resolve flooding problems with the Beaver Dam Ditch. 

In the construction of the new Crown Point Sportsplex, we used state-of-the-art pervious cement and asphalt which allows rainwater to pass through into retention areas beneath the parking lot before being discharged into adjacent storm sewers.