One of the most important jobs of government is to utilize its tax dollars wisely. We must strive to do more with less and stretch the tax dollar as far as we can. 

Since 2008, four years of smart financial planning has resulted in a 10% reduction of the city’s yearly budget. This was achieved through cuts and reduction in spending. We have also consolidated some services and jobs throughout the city.

 One thing we did not want to do was to reduce costs on the backs of long-time city workers and residents. So in 2010, we instituted the Early Separation Incentive program, allowing us to compensate long-time employees as they deserved while creating the opportunity for government to cut costs. This was how we were able to achieve a 10% reduction in the budget.

 By cutting the budget and still providing the excellent services that our residents demand, this has made your tax dollar stronger. We have also remained committed to seeking out and acquiring grants to reduce the burden on our taxpayers. Since 2008, we have secured or aided in securing more than $30 million in federal and private grants, and state funding, for projects in Crown Point.