Next to education, Public Safety has a direct relationship with the quality of life for our residents.  With the appointments of Chief Pete Land (pictured top) in the Police Department and Chief Greg DeLor (pictured middle) in the Fire Department, both agencies are now the premiere agencies in the region, if not the state.  One of my commitments has been that I will always do what is possible to maintain or increase the staffing of these important agencies. 

Our Emergency Management Agency, under the leadership of Kelly Miller, has increased its membership and raised the abilities of its members by including new and innovative training to its program.

Each agency has also entered into mutual aid agreements that have dramatically increased the resources that would be available to this community in case of a major event.  All of these resources are at little or no cost to the city to provide.

In 2009, through job consolidation from another department within the city, we were able to add an additional fire fighter without increasing the burden on taxpayers.  This administration is always seeking new ways to provide the best possible Public Safety to our residents.

Since 2009, we have added 3 additional fireman and are in the hiring process for 3 more. This will allow the department to dispatch a fully staffed truck immediately upon your 911 call vs. waiting for volunteers. 

We have hired an additional officer as well to our force, putting the department at an all-time high of 41 full-time sworn police officers.